Northern Italy’s southernmost point, the cliff at Capo Ampelio juts out into the sea. From this promontory you can see the sun rising and setting into the waves while enjoying a gentle cooling sea breeze.

At Amarea you can savour the view of the Ligurian coast and the Côte d’Azur, from sandstone rocks to the smooth, and almost therapeutic, pebbles on the shore.

The resort includes a private beach and a restaurant: Romolo Mare.
We pride ourselves on our dedication to our guests, on safeguarding the sea and the coast and in the constant search for innovation of the services we offer. Our guests enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere immersed in blissful rest and relaxation.

“Capo Sant’Ampelio[…]is almost completely surrounded by water and therefore offers the views typically associated with islands. Currents, winds and the climate itself are akin to those found at sea, and this, in addition to the deep seabed, offers the possibility to sight animals usually found only far off the coast.”


Paolo e Matteo Bredy Mastorakis – I Fondali di Capo Ampelio – 2015

Amarea Bordighera

Lungomare Argentina 1, Bordighera (IM)

Private beach telephone number: +39 392 9202837

Restaurant telephone number: +39 0184 261105

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